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Jersey workshop at Arthaus
August 2023

Branch exhibition at Arthaus



MARCH 2022


My work in the exhibition was looking at issues around our relationship with the environment.

We see ourselves gaining benefit from the environment without considering how we should benefit the environment.

Community Art Projects

It is my philosophy to participate in community as an artist, to promote art in a way that removes it from the hallowed halls of galleries and presents it in different ways to encourage accessibility.

To be part of a flourishing community that promotes equality, fun, creativity and every aspect of art.





A Jersey Collective exhibition of works at The Grey Place, art space in Grey Lynn. Preoccupation’s title was inspired by the artistic endeavours the Collective were ‘preoccupied’ with over the several months before the exhibition. My pieces were constructed of plaster and found objects. Looking initially at domestic waste, and talking about the environment being constrained by human ideals.


I am an object maker.

My materials are contemporary sculpture media: found objects which are repurposed, plaster, wood, metal, fabric.

The use of material often depends on the concept, and how I wish the audience to interact with my ideas.

The themes in my work are most often domestic and/or environmental.





At this time I was artist-in-residence at Lani Keha, Kauai, Hawaii. I had gone to this residency with clear exploratory concepts for a sculpture. However while I was there I came to enjoy my time drawing the beautiful tropical plants in the extensive garden around the residency. It became something of an obsession and has provided many hours of enjoyable practise ever since.

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